General Dentistry in
Los Angeles


General Dentistry at Affordable Dental Care

At General Dentistry Los Angeles, we’re right beside you at every step towards improving your dental health.

We believe that having a radiant smile starts at home. Our oral care professionals are here to support and advise your regular habits and boost your dental health the right way!

At Affordable Dental Care, the focus is patient education. A patient equipped with the best care practices and proper instruments will develop robust at-home techniques to preserve a brilliant smile.

When it comes to examining your oral health, the Affordable Dental Care team will be on the lookout for symptoms of decay and other common dental problems during your twice-a-year checkup. The doctors will conduct all preventative, restorative, and hygiene measures to make sure you have a bright smile all year long!


General Dental Treatments

checkup and cleaning

Cleanings and Exams

At Affordable Dental Care, we value patient education. At home care mixed with your twice-a-year checkup and teeth cleaning Los Angeles is essential to ensure a bright smile all year round!

The doctor will evaluate your teeth and gums throughout the dental exam Los Angeles to ensure optimal health. Your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed of plaque and tartar. A fluoride treatment will also be applied to strengthen your teeth and help them fight against cavities until your next visit!

Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge Los Angeles is one of the most outstanding solutions for patients missing one or more teeth. The exceptional functionality of porcelain bridges will restore your smile to its original health and look. As the name suggests, this approach will bridge the missing tooth or teeth gap by utilizing the adjacent teeth. These dental bridges are fixed in place, so many find them more convenient to removable partial dentures.

The traditional way of making these bridges include a messy process of taking impressions of your teeth, temporary bridges, and a second visit. At Affordable Dental Care, using state-of-the-art CEREC technology, the doctor will take a 3D representation of your teeth and supply it to the machine which will craft the porcelain bridge. With our CEREC machine, you’ll be able to enjoy your new smile in just one visit!

Dental crowns

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns Los Angeles cover the visible part of the tooth like a cap. By doing so it will preserve the tooth’s structure and give the tooth a natural look, color, and size. The most typical case where crowns are needed is tooth decay to the extent where a filling or inlay/onlay won’t be enough to stop the cavity. Some other situations where crowns are needed are fixing a fractured tooth or the final step in a root canal or dental implant.

At Affordable Dental Care, we’re equipped with the CEREC machine that will produce customized and perfect color crowns created within minutes using a 3D representation of your mouth. You can leave the office with natural and functional teeth after ONE appointment!



Dentures Los Angeles can be the best solution when many teeth are missing for reasons ranging from decay or damage! At Affordable Dental Care, we pride ourselves on using the most updated procedures, materials, and technology to create dentures that feel and look just like your real teeth. We make sure to restore your ability to smile, speak and chew confidently!

When it comes to dentures, there are different options. Traditional dentures are the most cost-effective way to replace all of your upper and/or lower jaw teeth with a customized fit to your gum. To improve stability and to promote the strength of your jaw bone, we do recommend overdentures. These dentures are supported dental implants (which is why they’re also called implant-retained dentures).

Partial dentures, like overdentures, use neighboring teeth for support and provide an incredibly natural look. They are either removable or fixed in place, so they are an attractive option combined with easy maintenance and cleaning. When choosing the type of dentures, we will present you with all the options customized to your particular need and move with the option you’re most comfortable with.



At Affordable Dental Care, our goal is to preserve your own natural teeth. However, there are circumstances where the process of decay is irreversible or simply not enough. In those cases, extractions are the only selection available. But, dental implants can be done to replace missing teeth and produce the same functionality as before. Using our technology, we can build natural-looking teeth during your initial visit.