The Game Changer

From comfort to efficiency, Invisalign gives you the smile you want without changing your day-to-day life.


The Invisalign Difference

Maximum Freedom

Invisalign is discrete and unnoticeable. It’s simple to take off when you need it to and place it right back on! Invisalign grants you the freedom that no other alternative methods provide. Invisalign is built with cutting-edge technology using SmartTrack® material to provide comfort and easy use.

Maximum Freedom
incredibly efficient

Incredibly Efficient

You can have the fantastic smile you’ve always wanted, as soon as six months! Standard methods take 24 months on average to produce the same changes. Invisalign takes the guesswork out by building a more predictable correction approach.

Using the iTero Element® scanner, you can visualize your target smile to see it. By using this machine, Dr. Ali can also map out your mouth using 3D representations. The iTero Element® will take a whopping 6000 models per second and produce an accurate layout of your mouth. This procedure makes the usual methods of taking physical impressions, which lack precision and lead to treatment rejections, obsolete. You will also track your smile’s progress throughout the treatment period visually.

Customized to you

Guessing is not the route when it comes to Invisalign Los Angeles CA. Using iTero along with the 3D mapping software ClinCheck, you’ll have a unique and exact mapped-out path to your ideal smile. The 3D visuals will allow Dr. Ali to customize your treatment specific to your mouth and assess the same force each tooth needs to receive to give you that flawless smile.

Customized to you


The Process

Get a Glimpse Into Your Dream Teeth

Using iTero Scanners, Dr. Ali will show you a mapped-out route to your smile goals.

Your Routine Stays the Same

With a clear look and removability, your routine will stay the same. You can eat, brush your teeth, and smile without interruption.

Trust the Process!

From the initial time you start using your aligners, Dr. Ali will ensure that all the standards are met. During your check-ins with Dr. Ali, he will visually show you every step towards your goal and make the necessary improvements.

Your SMILE is Here

After the treatment stage, which is shorter than all alternative methods, you’ll finally have those perfectly straight teeth you’ve always wanted! Thousands of smiles have been transformed by Dr. Ali. Book your free consultation now and take the first step towards your smile goals.